Health and Fitness Myths

Don’t buy into the lies the industry displays as truth.

Educate yourself.

Lifting weights will make you bulky.

Weight lifting as exercise allows you to build lean muscle tissue. Combining a good strength resistance program with a correlated nutrition plan is the ONLY way to achieve that toned look everyone craves. I’m not encouraging anyone to hit the weights without education, but don’t shy away from them due to this myth

A hard workout means you deserve a treat.

You are not a dog; do not reward yourself with food. Energy burned at the gym should not be replaced with empty calories. Follow a workout with something that nourishes your body and encourages it to recover. Your body is a machine, fuel it well.

Cardio is the best way to get lean.

Cardio does have its time and place, but it is neither the fastest nor the most efficient way to get lean. Again, combining a good strength resistance program with a correlated nutrition plan is the ONLY way to achieve that toned look everyone craves. Incorporating cardiovascular training into your plan will expedite results but not generate them.

Carbs are the enemy.

Carbs are energy. You need a well balanced diet including carbs. Carbs do not make you fat; over eating carbs causes you to store any excess as fat, just like over eating healthy fats or protein will result in you storing any excess as fat. Balance is key, eat to fuel you body.

Taking supplements is the only way to be successful.

Taking the right supplements can definitely help in the process of achieving your goals, but are in no way a necessity.  Supplements are all made to work with diet and exercise, but are not a requirement for attaining the body you desire. Supplements by definition are there to supplement an already developed plan.

Ab work gives you a 6-pack.

A 6-pack begins to show as a result of one thing: decreased body fat.  Doing core exercises is extremely important for overall strength, balance, and stability but not to solely gain visible abdominal muscles. Start with decreasing overall body fat, work to attain lean muscle, and abs will follow.

Always follow the latest and greatest workout trends.

There is no workout plan or supplement on the market that beats hard work and consistency. Trends in fitness and nutrition come and go, just like they do in fashion. Find something that fits with your goals and your lifestyle and follow through with it.

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