Reverse Dieting

Reverse dieting is essentially the opposite of calorie cutting. Instead of continuously dropping calories from your diet, you slowly increase calories. By gradually increasing your fats, carbs, and protein you are allowing your body to adapt metabolically and eventually amplify its metabolic capacity. This is a slow but worthwhile process. There are no short cuts or instant results when reverse dieting.

To begin reverse dieting, you must first understand where your own personal maintenance level is. In simple terms, you need to know your daily caloric output and match it with your nutritional caloric input. For those coming from a very, very low caloric diet, this process will be even slower because you will need to work up to your maintenance level and allow your body to become accustom to it.

When is it appropriate to reverse diet?

  • You have metabolic damage from yo-yo dieting
  • You have leaned out but want to eat more
  • You are on a very low-calorie diet and still not losing weight
  • You are working to gain lean muscle while increasing metabolic capacity
  • You are coming off of a competition prep that required you to be at a very lean state

My personal recommendation for anyone interested in reverse dieting is to get a coach. If you want to go at it alone, try the following steps:

  1. Find your maintenance level. (Or work to it if you’re on a very low caloric diet)
  2. Increase calories 50-100 at a time based on what you’re comfortable with and how your body reacts.
  3. Track your progress with pictures not the scale.
  4. See your strength and stamina increase.
  5. Stop when you no longer feel the benefits or feel too fluffy.
  6. Enjoy your new and higher maintenance level!

If you have questions feel free to comment or contact me!


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