How to Survive: Workplace Dieting

Anyone who is proactive about their health by practicing good nutrition knows the struggles of dieting in the workplace. The constant questioning, judgmental looks, donuts and bagels within reach, and time constraints can hold you back from achieving your goals. The following is a list of tips and tricks to help keep you full and focused in the workplace.

  1. Always pack you lunch. This eliminates the need to fill your stomach with convenience or fast foods! If mornings are a time crunch for you, pack them the night before.
  2. Keep extra snacks at your desk. Didn’t pack enough for you lunch? Good thing you have almonds, turkey jerky, and dried fruit in your desk drawer. No need to reach for a bagel when you have these on reserve!
  3. Unless you have a limited number of bathroom brakes, constantly hydrate throughout the day! It’s also a great break for those who sit all day to get up and move frequently.
  4. Curb your sweet tooth with flavored drinks. Why not make hydration fun? Water enhancers are an easy and enjoyable way to add something sweet into your day. Grab and go packets, liquid concentrates, coffee, and tea are great ways to keep your hands occupied, your stomach full, and your sweet tooth under control.
  5. The best offense is a good defense. So people question what you eat and drink? Politely remind them that you don’t question what they eat and drink. If they have an over abundance of opinions and questions take that as an opportunity to share some healthy tips and trick with them.
  6. People are always going to judge you, better to be on the end of judgment for doing the right thing rather than doing wrong. Smile when they stare, offer to share, and stick to your guns.
  7. Set reminders in your phone if you regularly forget to eat. Keep things open and on your desk to graze throughout the day. Using your lunch break to work is fine, but you’re more productive with proper nutrition so make an effort to multi-task if you have to!
  8. Space out your meals. Try to eat every two to three hours. Keeping meals smaller and regular can help to keep you full and on track when surrounded by other temptations.
  9. Add extra protein throughout the day. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is feel full when your job is monotonous and repetitive. Adding extra protein to your diet can elevate that hungry feeling that keeps you from being productive. (Quick and easy protein: Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, tuna, jerky, and meal replacement protein shakes.)
  10. Reward yourself for following through with your goals. Pick a goal timeframe and put a tangible reward at the end of it. A new outfit, weekend getaway, or trendy gadget can materialize the value of your efforts, keeping you on track.

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