Macro-Friendly Chicken Salad

When it’s hot, I like to get cold things. Lately I’ve been experimenting with cold salads! I wanted a meal salad this time so I started with a protein, chicken! This is very similar to Whole Foods Sonoma Chicken Salad- just a bit lower on the sugar and fat side.

Ingredients (per serving):

-6 oz. Chicken Breast (pre-baked, grilled, or crockpotted) 

-1/4 cup Red Grapes

-1/4 cup Celery

-1/2 tsp Honey

-1 tbls Lite Mayo



1. Bake and chop chicken.

2. Chop celery. (I keep the grapes whole because they stay fresh longer.)

3. Mix mayo and honey in one dish and grapes, celery, and chicken in a larger bowl.

4. Coat chicken mixture with the sauce.

5. Chill for 1-3 hours.



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