Lizard Pose

I like to move into this pose from three-legged dog. From three-legged dog bring your lifted leg’s foot through to the outside of the same arm (i.e. – if the right leg is lifted, bring the right foot to the right side of the right hand…so many rights!). Keep the shoulders even and square and back long and spine straight. Hands can remain on the ground, maybe shifted slightly forward to help keep the back straight, or if you need more of a challenge, lower down to the forearms. The back leg can either have toes rooted into the ground with the leg slightly lifted, or the knee can go to the ground (modify by using a block or two to rest your knee on if needed!). Really sink into your hips to feel a nice stretch, but don’t overdo it! This pose can be really intense, especially the first few times. Stay for 3-5 breaths and repeat with the other leg.

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