Hip Opening Flow

Combine the poses we went through this week into a short hip opening flow! Try to stay in each pose for 3-5 breaths.

Begin in downward facing dog and lift one leg for three-legged dog. Bring the lifted leg through the arms, placing the foot between the hands and lift for a low lunge. From low lunge move to lizard pose by scooting your front foot out slightly, so it’s on the far side of both of your hands. Remember, here you can stay up on the hands, or lower down to the forearms for more of a challenge. Return to three-legged dog for a breath and then move into pigeon pose by bringing your ankle to the opposite wrist. Feel free to take any variation of pigeon that feels good for you (reclined, mermaid, king pigeon, etc…). Move back into three legged dog and return to downward dog. On your next inhale, step both feet up to your hands and exhale for a forward fold. On your inhale, lift your upper body and arms up for an overhead lift and and as you exhale, step the legs out wide and squat down for garland pose. Return to downward facing dog and repeat with the other leg.

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