Leg Strength Flow

A warrior pose sequence is a great way to strengthen the leg muscles in yoga.

Hold each pose for 3-5 breaths (or longer if you really want to work those legs!!)

Begin in downward facing dog. Lift one leg for three-legged dog and bring the lifted leg through the arms, placing the foot between the hands. Turn the back foot out about 45 degrees and lift the upper body and arms overhead for warrior I. Remember to keep the hips square over the front leg and keep the front knee bent directly over the ankle or slightly behind! Move to warrior II by opening the arms straight and opening the hips to the side. The front knee should still be bent directly over the ankle or slightly behind, and your gaze should be forward, over your bent knee. Move to reverse warrior by reaching the back arm down the back leg and lift the front arm overhead as you gaze up. Feel a nice stretch in your side body and don’t let the legs get lazy here! From reverse warrior, move to side angle or extended side angle by resting the front elbow on the front thigh or placing the front hand on the ground and reaching the back arm overhead, like a diagonal line. You should be feeling a nice stretch in the opposite side body here. Return to downward facing dog and repeat on the other leg.

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