How You’re Sabatoging Your Success

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s highly likely we are all getting in our own way. It’s a hard topic to discuss because even I’m insecure about the things that hold me back. But it’s time to clear the air and get out of our own heads.

  1. Don’t measure your success based on other’s success. Define your goals and what success looks like for you personal. You absolutely should have role models but in most cases role models are those well versed and experienced in their area of expertise. If you could do all the things they can, or look the way they do, or achieve the recognition they get- then you’d probably pick someone even higher up in the industry to look up to. Measure your success only on yourself. Always strive to be better than yesterday and be happy knowing you’re working towards progress.
  2. Your body’s physical and mental responses are out of your control. You might have cellulite, problem areas, anxiety, or just stubborn insecurities that won’t budge regardless of your hard work. Many of these things are controlled by chemical responses your body naturally has. If you are overwhelmed or frustrated, dissecting the issue won’t solve it. Your body recognizes stress and frustration and the longer you hold onto these things, the more your natural response will counteract your hard work. Easier said than done, but let it go. Accept yourself knowing you are putting your efforts in the right direction.
  3. Bad days. We all have them, and throwing in the towel seems like the simplest thing to do. But don’t, don’t you dare. Science revolves around constants and variables. If you can create constants in your life, variables will have a more obvious reaction. Sticking to your fitness and nutrition goals for several days in a row and then having a few bad days is a difficult cycle for your body to handle. But don’t for one second think that the good days weren’t good, the hard truth is that your good days loose their momentum when bad days occur regularly. Focus on making each day count so your body is confident in it’s constants and can adapt as you add in variables. 
  4. Second guesses ruin everything. Maybe you question yourself, maybe you question your trainer, or maybe you question if you should add in more modalities. It’s human nature to question things, but this can also hinder your ability to give 100%. If you lack confidence, you lack intention. If you lack intention, you lack focus. If your focus is blurred you run the risk of aimlessly going through the motions. Believe in yourself, research if necessary, and set an intention you can commit to.
  5. One-size-fits-all plans. Having and individualized plan means all your special circumstances, strengths and weaknesses, and goals are taken into consideration. Following a generic plan might help you get started, but in order to see specific results- you need a plan specified to your unique needs. Don’t run the risk of looking back and wishing you had a more well researched and scientifically founded plan sooner.

If you have questions about your individual path to success, send me an email and we can talk them through! My email is and I’d love to hear from you!

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