Hip Opening Flow

Combine the poses we went through this week into a short hip opening flow! Try to stay in each pose for 3-5 breaths. Begin in downward facing dog and lift one leg for three-legged dog. Bring the lifted leg through the arms, placing the foot between the hands and lift for a low lunge. From [...]

Lizard Pose

I like to move into this pose from three-legged dog. From three-legged dog bring your lifted leg’s foot through to the outside of the same arm (i.e. – if the right leg is lifted, bring the right foot to the right side of the right hand…so many rights!). Keep the shoulders even and square and [...]

Low Lunge Pose

From three-legged dog, bring the lifted leg through and set the foot between the hands. Move the back leg’s knee to the ground and lift the upper body with the arms overhead. Keep the spine straight and long and push into the hips to feel a nice stretch. Add a folded blanket beneath the knee [...]