Mathew B.

“Working with Brittany has legit changed my life. For over a decade, I had been trying to regain my fitness after shoulder surgery, but it never happened on my own and I kept injuring myself in an attempt to make quick gains. I had almost given up when Brittany entered my life. She had reinvigorated my love of the gym and I feel stronger now as a 42 year old man than I ever did at my “peak”. In the past 5 months, I’ve lost 20 lbs the right way and I know feel like I can reach goals I thought were in the rear view. She is phenomenal at what she does. She has created a personalized work out for me that appropriately pushes me to my limits and had corrected a lot of form issues that I never knew I had. I would suggest Brittany to everyone. She’s changed my life and I bet she could change yours as well.”

Tonia R.

“Brittany is very attentive to your individual needs. She will push you to do more and be better BUT will not push you to do more than you are capable of. Brittany creates an exercise program and nutritional program that will work for your personal needs. I have seen an improvement in my stamina, posture and my muscle tone. I LOVE working out with Brittany!”

Mandy J.

“I started training with Brittany in January 2015 at Golds Gym in Milwaukee, WI. I moved here not knowing many people and Brittany was the first, crazy, awesome girl I met. I have been training with her for ten months now, and am stronger than I have ever been. Brittany does a great job of hitting all aspects of training, including; muscle memory, strength, agility, and a small amount of cardio mixed in. I was so sad the day Brittany moved away, but I can still feel her pushing me, many states away! She always takes the time out to check in with me to see how my workouts are going and always reminds me to keep my nutrition in check. Brittany is an amazing trainer / coach because she is truly passion about living a healthy life and helping others do the same.”

Nate G.

“243. The number flashed on the scale, staring me right in my bewildered face. I stepped off the scale, tapped it with my big toe, and stepped back on. 243. From that moment on, I made myself a promise. I would change. I would take my insecurities and confront them head on. I would become athletic. Bolstered by this determination, I began the tedious process of vetting a gym and ended up joining Gold’s Gym.

I scheduled my free fitness assessment with someone named Brittany. Little did I know that this fitness assessment would be more than just assessing my then lack of physicality. It would be the foundation and formation of a friendship and mutual support system. We clicked instantly. Brittany possessed the right amount of sass and drive to whip me into shape and encourage me every step of the way. Immediately after the assessment I signed up for three months of personal training, twice a week with Brittany. Fast-forward nine months later. I was strong. I was confident. I was athletic. Brittany had completely changed my life for the best. I was at my gym 6 days a week, sometimes twice a day before and after work, taking boot camp classes, swimming, lifting, and doing yoga. Brittany had taught me that physical fitness was more than just lifting weights, it was nutrition, it was mental health, it was finding an inner balance. She taught me that fitness is a journey, with twists and turns along the way. That we have good days and bad, and we can assess each as it comes and not stray from the goals ahead. She helped me realize my potential and pushed me to meet it. The moment I met Brittany my life changed. Through her friendship, she helped me discover that I could do anything I set my mind to. Your dreams only work if you do, so it’s time to keep working.”


Nate's Success

Paula H.

“I was new to counting macros before I contacted Brittany. There is so much misinformation out there that I didn’t know where to start, or how to get in shape. With Brittany’ s guidance I was able to successfully lose the last 10 pounds in a very fun, enjoyable way- which i never thought was possible! Her positive attitude and gentle coaching helped me achieve my goals in nutrition.

I highly recommend Brittany to anyone that needs some extra help and guidance.”